I don’t know about you, but I have always been the outdoorsy type. Spending free time inside the house is kind of depressing, especially when it’s nice and warm outside. Sure, I too like playing video games once in a while, but I always rather be outside. That is why I am a huge fan of outside sports. And I don’t mean competition level, but the kind of entertainment for the whole family.

Baden Champions Bocce Ball Set
(4) green balls, (4) red balls, (1) white 60mm pallino, and (1) 5' foot measuring tape
Durable, black, weather-resistant carrying case
Regulation Poly-Resin balls for play on various surfaces
Trademark Games Bocce Ball Set
8 - bocce balls, 4 dark green and 4 dark red (3.5" diameter) 1 - Pallino
poly-resin composite 2 different scoring patterns
Can be played almost anywhere on a variety of surfaces
GoSports Premium Bocce Set
Complete Set of 100mm (3.94") Bocce Balls
Includes Premium Canvas Carrying Case
Premium quality

I discovered bocce a few years back, and I always take the balls out when spring comes. I enjoy playing it with my family and my friends, especially when we are out in the backyard for a barbecue. It’s the ideal activity after a meal. You move but not too much that you wanna throw up.

Bocce ball was a game that even Roman emperors enjoyed more than 2000 years ago. It’s not new. The rules, however, suffered slight modifications. But the game overall is popular, and you can find fixtures in parks or apartment complexes.

Health benefits of Bocce ball

Just like any game that you play outdoors, bocce ball comes with its advantages. Most of them will improve your physical health, but it’s not bad for your mental state either. If you think about it, endorphins are the same no matter what sport you practice. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy while playing bocce ball.

  • First of all, bocce is a team sport. Each team has 1, 2, or 4 players, so you can label it as a social activity. Nothing will relax you better than a social encounter. You can play with your friends and family. You can play with strangers when you go to the park. Either way, you will socialize, which is good for your mental state.
  • It will teach you strategic planning. You can’t just throw the balls around expecting to win. You need to consider factors like velocity and distance. Your brain will benefit a great deal. Research states that regular brain exercise fends off dementia and keeps you sharp. Makes sense if you think about it.
  • It will improve your coordination. Getting that ball close to the jack requires hand-eye You need to practice releasing the ball just at the right moment in order to go for the win. That will improve your dexterity as well. It’s the same as with other sports that involve hand movement, like tennis, or bowling.
  • It can be a great stress reliever. Nothing will make you forget about daily problems than some light activity. Stress can have severe repercussions on your health, both physical and psychological. It can cause premature aging, among others. But games such as bocce ball lower your stress levels, keeping you younger.
  • You spend some time outdoors. People usually underestimate the time spent outside. But vitamin D provided by the sun can improve your immune system, can help you fight depression, and is very helpful in cell regeneration. So whenever the weather is nice, go outside. Your body will be very thankful.
  • It can increase confidence. Just like any other sport, once you get good at it, it will give you a confidence boost. Not to mention that there isn’t an age limit. That is why children who play sports have self-confidence. Looking forward to competitions and winning gives you a sense of satisfaction.
  • It can pass as light cardio. Physical exercise should be a very important part of your life. It keeps you younger, sharper and prevents early aging. You are not going to burn a whole lot of calories playing bocce, but at least you won’t be on your couch.
  • It will improve flexibility. Bocce involves bending and extending your arms. You will engage your joints. This game is ideal for seniors who are afraid that they will stiffen if they don’t move.
  • Last, but not least, bocce will improve your mood. There is a strong connection between physical activity and mood. That is why whenever you exercise you feel happy. It’s not ‘runner’s high,’ but it will definitely have an impact on your overall state of mind.

You didn’t expect a simple game as bocce to have so many benefits, didn’t you? Neither did I when I first read about it. It’s such a simple game that involves minimal effort. But this is a perfect example that little things matter.

What to look for in the best bocce ball set?

Now that you learned about the benefits, all you have to do is choose the best bocce ball set. Chances are that you are a newbie, so you don’t know anything about it. Lucky for you, I put together a list of things you should pay attention to when purchasing a set of bocce balls.

  • Don’t ever go for the cheapest set. The game involves the balls hitting eachother. That means they have to be sturdy enough to withstand the force of impact. A cheap set is just that. Cheap. Some of them are even filled with water to give the impression of weight. Real bocce balls are made of solid material all the way to the core. The best material you could hope for is thermoset resin. Always keep in mind that weight is a major factor.
  • The balls must all have the same weight, and they have to be perfectly balanced. If one is heavier than another, then the game will not be fair. They all have to roll straight and Otherwise, they are not worth the money.
  • They must give you the impression of durability. Bocce balls must be super hard. After all, upon impact,they need to come out whole. Cheap sets will suffer chips and nicks.
  • Size is another issue. There are multiple available: 74mm, 90mm, 100mm, 107mm, and 109mm. It all depends on the size of your hands. Think who you are buying the balls for. If the set is destined for children, then you should purchase the 74-100mm set. Adults can handle a bigger set.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for bocce balls online, the only way you can tell if they are high-quality or not is the price. The lower the price, the lower the quality.

What are the best bocce ball sets?

Baden Champions Bocce Ball Set

Click here to buy on Amazon

This set is one of the best bocce ball sets on the market. Baden is known to manufacture high-quality products, and thisset makes no exception. The quality of the balls is superior to almost all other similar balls out there.

The game can be played by up to 8 players. The set is available in 107mm and 109mm. It’s destined for adults only. Children will have a hard time handling the balls because they are too big for their tiny hands.

The set is made of phenolic resin, which means the balls are very sturdy. The Pallino ball as well. They will not suffer damage, and they will last a very long time. No need for another order anytime soon. The colors are red and green, and the linings on the balls will allow you to know which ball belongs to who. What you’ll love about these balls is that you can play on any surface. They are heavy enough to play on grass, sand, or any other hard surface.  Each ball weighs 2.95 pounds so nothing can stand in their way.

The set comes with accessories as well. The best of all is the bag. The balls can be placed neatly in a high-quality, weather resistant 1680 denier nylon bag with a YKK zipper. You can easily take the set with you on vacation. Not to mention that storage is a non-issue. It’s easier to store the whole bag than to gather all the balls in a sac. The organizational pockets will come in handy too.

One word of caution, though. Not all sets have a measuring tape, even if it says otherwise. You’re going to have to buy that separately. Baden Sports claimed that they added the measuring tape early in 2016, but the ones from previous stocks may still be missing it. Also when cleaning the balls, the color may come off a bit. But that will not affect the balls’ integrity. Other than that, this bocce ball set is one of the best. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Trademark Games Bocce Ball Set

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Trademark Games is another manufacturer that takes the job seriously. They too manufacture high-quality bocce ball sets. You can simply read the reviews. Almost all customers have only good things to say about these balls.

There are 8 balls in the bag, 4 dark green and 4 dark red (90 mm), plus the Pallino ball. They are all made of high-quality poly-resin composites which guarantee a perfect balance between size and weight. They feel full, which is why you can use them to play bocce on almost any given surface, except concrete. The balls will keep rolling. Whether it’s grass or sand, these balls will push througheasily. Just like the previous product, this set also presents with two scoring patterns.

The set does not come with a measuring tape, so you are going to have to buy that yourself, but it does come with a heavy duty Budweiser/Coca- Cola bag. It seems resilient and durable. The seams are very well done. It will help you carry the bocce set with ease. Keep the internal cardboard box, though. It will line the bag.

This set is suitable for the entire family. Given the fact that the balls are 90 mm, children will have no issue in handling them. There are some problems with the regulation size. Some people state that the balls don’t respect the standard size. But this set is not meant for competition level, so who cares? This is destined for an afternoon in the park with your family. International Bocce rules don’t apply there. Clickhere to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

GoSports Premium Bocce Set

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GoSports is another company that takes pride in what they do, which is why they created the image of perfection in their bocce ball set. Quality is not even open for discussion. Nobody can doubt the superior quality of their products. Cheap resin is not in their vocabulary. You will not be seeingcloudy finishes on these balls.

The set comes with eight 100mm red and green balls with circle and square markings, and a white 45mm white Pallino ball. The moment you hold a ball you can tell that they will last for a very long time. The weight is just perfect, and you can feel that they are full. There will be no chips and nicks. The color may become dimmer after a while from cleaning, but the balls will remain intact.

Purchasing this set means you will also get a stylish canvas carrying bag with a shoulder strap and ball dividers. You will also receive a set of bocce rules (as if you couldn’t google those) and a measuring tape. This time you don’t have to buy one separately.

Overall, this is also one of the best bocce ball sets on the market. The balls are full, have the appropriate weight, and can be used on any surface (except concrete, of course). The size allows fun for the entire family, even children. It’s an excellentmeans of entertainment. It’s a lot more enjoyable to play a game with high-quality products. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

Although all three sets meet the criteria for a high-quality product, I have to go with Baden Sports on this one. They have a greater variety of sizes, and their balls seem more resilient. It’s one of those products that will last for years. Now that they added the measuring tape, I think that they qualify for the best bocce ball set out there.


Bocce ball is one of those games that are old but still beloved. They are a fun activity for the entire family, it gets you outside to enjoy all the health benefits, and will help you relax in your free time. There is more to this world than technology related leisure. So go outside and enjoy it! Click here to buy on Amazon

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